once upon a time…
Everyone knows the shrill climbing leggings from the 70s and the 80s. In these times climbing legends such as G├╝llich, Albert, Long, Arnold, Precht and many more caused a sensation in climbing the hardest walls. Doubtless this was the craziest climbing fashion we’ve experienced so far. We were wondering why this comfortable and super strechy leggings got replaced by these sloppy clothes climbers are wearing today. We really don’t know. The fact is that we’re heavily into these colorful climbing leggings and there are no other pants that provide such a great liberty of action when climbing walls. We’ve tried hard to find a vendor all over the world but failed. At this point of time we decided to sew our own models. Thanks to our mothers we were able to realise this project. Also our friends were crazy about these climbing leggings and that’s why we started our own label and produced more of these “climbing spandex”.

We are two nature loving guys who love climbing and fancy all other kinds of adventurous outdoor activities. While doing so having fun is the most important thing for us. In the exact same manner we had the idea to sew climbing pants for ourselves, just like the climbers we look up to had in the 80s. Due to the fact that also our friends were crazy about these leggings, we decided to sew more of them and to found our own label called SO SOLID. Do you wonder why we chose this name? The word “solid” originates from the latin word “solidus”, which stands for qualitative, precise, steady, to summ it up just solid. Rock climbers use “solid” or “so solid” as a phrase to cheer for a climbing buddy. We heard this prase in several climbing videos and thought that it says everything we want to stand for with our label.



All products are made in Europe, we keep distances short and use recycled materials, where it makes sense.

Our leggings are made 78% out of fully recycled polyamide fiber from post-consumer materials!